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Postpartum girdle: great ally in the recovery of my body and self-esteem

Postpartum girdle great ally in the recovery of my body and self-esteem

Today, I want you to know my experience with the postpartum girdle, precisely when I needed it the most. Although motherhood is one of the most beautiful stages in any woman’s life, it produces multiple changes in the body that are important to treat from the beginning.

The postpartum period, for example, is a coming and going of emotions that keep us on edge all the time, either because of the joy that has come to stay in our lives (our children), or because of the changes that we suffer physically and that can affect our self-esteem.

Postpartum girdle: What is it for?

These are low compression girdles that help shape the figure and prevent fluid accumulation after giving birth in natural childbirth or cesarean section, under the indication of the obstetrician. Although there are multiple models of girdles, their use in the postpartum stage will be determined by the characteristics of the mother, both in terms of compression, size and time of use.

what to know about postpartum

What are its advantages?

It is not for nothing that the therapeutic girdle has become a great ally for women after childbirth. However, it is important to be informed before deciding why to use it and which one would be the most convenient.

In my case, the features that seemed most positive to me were focused on the comfort they provide, as well as the feeling of wellbeing with my body, after having changed visibly during pregnancy.

Among the advantages of postpartum girdles, are:

– Back support and posture correction:

As a result of the growth of our tummy over 9 months, we tend to change our posture and suffer from back pain quite frequently. One of the benefits of the postpartum girdle is that it allows you to recover your pre-pregnancy posture, as it supports your back and helps you to eliminate lower back pain.

– A point in favor of your self-esteem:

As an ideal body shaping garment, it will be your great ally. Obviously, if you are looking to reduce sizes and achieve faster results, you must accompany its use with a proper diet and recurrent physical exercises. However, you will notice the change in your self-esteem immediately, by recovering your figure and even being able to wear clothes again that you may have forgotten about.

That feeling is undoubtedly a plus in a stage that we are just starting, so we need a touch of confidence to do better and better.

– You will be able to move more freely:

After so many days being careful before any movement, you will be able to feel a support for the day to day using the girdle, in addition, it will gradually end with that feeling of emptiness that we feel after childbirth.

To achieve real results, discover more benefits of Comfort Girdles.

In which cases is the postpartum girdle contraindicated?

Although it is a widely used and recommended garment, to have a pleasant experience and take advantage of all the benefits of the girdles, it is extremely important to have the opinion of the obstetrician before making any decision. Each body is different and only he will know what is most convenient for your health.

That said, its use is contraindicated if you do not plan to incorporate a basic exercise routine so that your body also takes the task of recovering gradually. That is, we should not let the postpartum girdle do all the work, but it should be a process in which we make the decision to feel good, wearing a girdle and leading a healthy life.

The most important thing is to enjoy the process. Live each stage with full awareness that it is not something definitive (if we talk about body changes), but also be open to integrate new habits and garments, such as the girdle, which will make the way much more pleasant.

Postpartum Contractions

Is it good to wear a girdle after a cesarean section?

It is very good, in fact, it is the most advisable thing to do as long as the patient has her doctor’s approval. The main reason to wear a girdle after cesarean section is that it helps us to avoid fluid accumulation in the area, which is known as seroma.

How long after delivery can I wear a girdle?

The postpartum girdle can be worn immediately after natural childbirth or cesarean section, if authorized by the doctor. Even to sleep or spend the whole day. This is because these types of girdles are made with very comfortable and low compression fabrics that, while they help us to shape the body, prevent fluid accumulation and the feeling of emptiness; they are also comfortable enough to keep them during the months following childbirth.

How long is it recommended to wear a postpartum girdle?

It is normal for patients to wear a postpartum girdle for up to 3 months, long enough for them to resume an exercise routine and avoid fluid accumulation.

Can the postpartum girdle be worn day and night?

Yes, as long as you feel comfortable, you can wear it day and night to take advantage of all its benefits and move more easily.

What type of girdle to use after childbirth?

It is most likely that by not wearing it, you will have a more difficult and longer recovery after childbirth.

What are the recommended postpartum girdles?

If you are looking for a girdle for after cesarean or natural childbirth, make sure it is covered with cotton and is medium or low compression.

You will find them with different shaping areas, either just for the waist (such as the postpartum girdle) or up to the knees and high back, which is a plus if you also want to shape the buttocks and hips.

What types of postpartum girdle are there?

Corset-type girdle or postpartum girdle: shapes the waist and compresses the abdomen.

Long postpartum girdle: It has coverage from the back to the knees, molds the waist, abdomen, back, buttocks and legs.

Panty girdle: Controls the lower abdomen and pelvis.

While we’re on the subject of postpartum…

The control bra can be your best ally during breastfeeding

One of the most difficult dynamics to adapt to is the fact of breastfeeding, for some women it is more complex than for others. The truth is that we must always look for our comfort, which will also be that of the baby.

For this, a postpartum control bra is ideal for several reasons:

-It exerts soft and comfortable control over the breasts (not like any bra).

-It has adjustment clasps on the shoulders and between the breasts, which is more comfortable when removing only one side of the garment to breastfeed.

-You can sleep with the bra on and although it will keep your breasts in place, it will not be uncomfortable.

-It will help you maintain good posture at all times after breastfeeding, which also prevents back pain.

Some of our most sought after postpartum girdles are: 

(In natural childbirth)

Armhole sleeve short girdle:

It helps you to shape your abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks and legs. In addition to eliminating the inflation of the days after childbirth and facilitate the recovery process of the skin of the belly.

Available in beige and black, from size XS to 3XL.

Control bra: 

It has all the advantages mentioned above and you can wear it even after postpartum. It is comfortable and keeps your bust firm.

Available in beige and black, from size XS to 3XL.

Armhole lace bodystocking with armhole sleeves:

Facilitates your recovery and mobility on a daily basis after natural childbirth. Shapes abdomen, waist, lower back and hips. It has silicone lace in the buttocks area, which prevents it from folding or rolling.

Available in beige and black, from size XS to 3XL.

If your doctor recommends the postpartum girdle, use it. We assure you that it will be the best ally for you to recover faster and enjoy every second of such a beautiful stage, knowing that your body is preparing to be like before.

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