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Weights or Cardio What is more effective to lose weight?

Deciding between weights or cardio for losing  weight can become a headache. So, this time we will explain in detail the function of each exercise and which one is the ideal for losing a few extra pounds. Also, we will unmasked bad beliefs on both sides of the scale.

First of all, it is important to say that losing weight not only affects our physical health, but also psycho-emotional health.

Therefore, to achieve results through one or the other training, you must also start a hypocaloric diet recommended by the nutritionist.

Benefits of weight training

At the health level:

– Improved insulin production.

– Improvement in mineral and bone density (legs, calves and buttocks).

– Generates stability in blood pressure.

– Lowers cholesterol levels.

On a physical level:

– Allows you to burn fat depending on the intensity of the training.

– Tones various muscle areas.

– It is the best way to gain muscle mass.

– It allows to gain physical resistance.

Benefits of cardiovascular training

At health level:

– Improves the respiratory system and oxygen uptake.

– Strengthens the heart system.

– Regulates the mitochondria that are like a kind of cellular lung.

– Quickly regulates metabolism.

– Strengthens the immune system.

On a physical level:

– It is ideal to lose weight in a few weeks, as long as it is combined with a proper diet.

– It allows to tone the lower body, that is to say: legs, calves and buttocks.

– Allows you to lose weight in the abdominal area.

As you can see, doing weights or cardio has multiple benefits in the body. Next, we will tell you which one suits you according to tastes and level of demand …

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Weights or cardio, how to choose your training routines?

Training with weights involves performing routines that require intense efforts to generate a high calorie expenditure. In other words, force prevails over speed, for which the body needs to rely on glycogen and phosphagens as an energy reserve.

Training with weights requires the application of dumbbell routines, gym machines and crossfit (an exercise that is practiced mostly with body weight), to burn fat and gain resistance, physical strength and flexibility.

On the other hand, cardiovascular exercises are characterized by being aerobic activities whose energy substrate liquids, lipids and fats.

These exercises require less effort than strength training, and allow for weight loss with little muscle gain. Among the most common activities to lose weight through cardio are: spinning, running, cycling, boxing and elliptical.

Although both styles of training are beneficial, it is your choice taking into account the goals that you set for yourself and with which you would get along better. The idea is that it is a plan that you can enjoy, so that it becomes a habit.

If you decide to do strength or cardiovascular exercises, you must have two basic things: motivation and discipline. When one does not act, you must opt for the other, and after a while you will get real results.

If you are not a gym person or you do not like outdoor exercises, you should know these 5 exercise routines to practice at home and without special equipment

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