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Everyday shapewear to sculpt your body without sacrificing comfort

Everyday shapewear to sculpt your body without sacrificing comfort

Is all shapewear for everyday use really uncomfortable or is it just a myth invented by someone who didn’t know how to choose the right size and defamed the garment?

Well, yes, it really is a myth…

A very harmful one that has caused some women to choose to wear inadequate girdles, even when these generate discomfort (being the wrong size) and even make it hard to breathe; or end up hating the garment because they believe it is harmful to their health.

For that reason, today I want to clarify the sad story of uncomfortable girdles, so that you can know which daily use girdles you can wear, without sacrifices or discomfort of any kind.

To begin with, an effective everyday shapewear is not only the one that makes you look good, but the one that reflects that inner well-being of being confident in your body, accepting your curves and highlighting your attributes.

Reasons why a girdle can make you uncomfortable

Now, if you manage to look the way you want thanks to wearing some kind of shaping girdles for daily use, but you do not breathe easily or you find it difficult to move freely, you should reconsider some elements that I describe below and that probably seem hard to believe…

Reasons why a girdle can make you uncomfortable:

Wrong size girdles

Yes, you’re probably wearing the wrong size girdle for everyday use because you think that, by wearing the right size, it won’t allow you to look the way you want.

Not all types of girdles have the same function

You started using some types of girdles recommended for body shaping that you are still not familiar with, or simply are not ideal for specific occasions and garments.

If you feel identified with any of the two previous options, let me clarify that, in the following article I tell you how to choose the ideal girdle for your body and characteristics, so you will avoid discomfort and you can show off your curves without problem.

Taking into account the above, one of the best tips I can give you is that if you want to incorporate the girdle as a daily use garment in your closet (which is a great idea!) you should start using girdle models of medium (or low) compression and with the possibility of adjusting the clasps as you reduce sizes.

Shapewear for daily use that will make you look slim and comfortable at the same time

As more and more women want to enhance their figure by wearing girdles, we have an exclusive line that will help you in that transition, which is why 90% of our customers end up loving the garment, as it makes them more confident to use other girdles with higher compression levels.

Silene Fajas Comfort Line:

A line that maintains all its advantages, with a plus of comfort when you start in the world of girdles. In other words, its compression is low since we are talking about comfortable girdles for daily use.

Silene Fajas Comfort Line

Silene Fajas Powernet Line:

This is another line of girdles that does not make you sacrifice comfort when it comes to showing off your silhouette. On the contrary, it is a type of Colombian girdle for daily use of medium compression, ideal for being at home, at the office or to go to the supermarket

Other advantages of the daily use girdle 

Beyond having a physical effect, the use of the girdle directly influences your self-esteem and the confidence we have about our body…

– You can wear it with all types of clothing:

The comfort line girdles are designed for multiple occasions, they are even cataloged as girdles for daily use, therefore, there are several models that adapt to any type of garment, without seams or snaps being noticed.

– You will not feel compression or discomfort as the hours go by:

To take advantage of all the benefits of girdles daily use, primarily, you must feel comfortable wearing any of these garments. Therefore, there must be a transition process in which you can become familiar with the garment and the time comes when you do not notice that you are wearing it, even after several hours.

– Put everything in place (throughout the day):

Regardless of which line of girdles (comfort or powernet) you are using, you should know that the first thing you will enjoy about both is the comfort, as they maintain their shaping essence to highlight your curves, conceal rolls and improve your posture all day long. In short, both lines have multiple benefits in addition to the use of being molding girdles.

– It helps you to reduce sizes if you use it properly:

Any girdle or waistband for daily use with proven quality can help you in the process of size reduction, as long as you accompany its use with a healthy lifestyle that includes walking, hydration and good nutrition. 

In this sense, with the use of the comfort girdle, you can achieve a dream waistline, developing normally while the garment does its job of shaping your body without causing mistreatment.

line of comfort or powernet girdles

– It gives you extra self-confidence (which is noticeable):

The most extraordinary thing about daily use girdles (for many women) is that security and confidence it gives you when walking or unwinding anywhere, knowing that everything is in its place, that nothing will get out of place when you neglect yourself and that you will be content or happy with your body.

– It allows you to gain results if you do what is necessary and appropriate:

It is clear that, by using girdles on a daily basis you can see results, however, they are not as fast as many believe. 

The best way to achieve significant changes in a short time for your body when you are wearing girdles on a daily basis, is through the practice of constant exercise (either at home or at the gym) plus a healthy and balanced diet (which should be recommended by a nutritionist).

Beyond having a physical effect, girdles for daily silhouette shaping directly influence your self-esteem, without leaving aside the good habits that we should all have in our lives on a daily basis…

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