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The five benefits of wearing girdles that no one tells you about

On the internet is much what is said about the benefits of wearing girdles, but this time I want to talk about some that are not told much and certainly make it a must-have piece of the closet.

To begin with, the benefits of girdles vary according to the way they are made and the use you plan to give them. There are those to reduce measurements, accelerate sweating or facilitate recovery in post-surgical and postpartum stages. But they also improve other details of the body that make everything easier.

Without saying more, let’s see some reasons to use girdles:

They make your workouts more effective:

Does it happen to you that no matter how much you exercise and maintain a healthy diet, you don’t end up defining those areas you work the hardest?

Well, it is more common than you think because naturally we tend to have certain parts of the body more defined than others, as in the case of the waist or buttocks. The good news is that sports girdles work as an accelerator of results to stylize your figure, and you can choose which area to modify depending on the model of girdle.

They reduce the “empty” feeling of postpartum:

Commonly, after a normal delivery or cesarean section, there is a certain feeling of emptiness in the area where the baby was, which can be uncomfortable for many mothers who even feel that they are in a different body than they had always had, due to weight gain, sagging skin and other reasons.

Postpartum is not an easy stage to face so many changes, and the postpartum girdle is an excellent ally to give a little more freedom and comfort to the movement, without feeling that we are in a foreign body.

In this article we talk about other postpartum facts that you might be interested in…

They help you rediscover your best attributes:

As women, it is normal that we have areas of our body that we like and others that we don’t like so much, however, the girdle can make us love that which we have always complained about.

For example, when someone says: “I don’t like having such thick legs” and when they try on a girdle short, they notice that what they didn’t like about their body before, could be their best attribute. That is another advantage of using Colombian girdles.

If this is your case, you can see this special body shaper to highlight the hips and thighs.

They serve as support for your back:

This benefit applies to both female and male girdles, as it is common to see men who usually perform heavy work or where it is necessary to apply force, and have the girdle as a support for the back that prevents the formation of hernias.

The same happens with women who usually spend long hours sitting or in front of the computer in positions that are not very appropriate for the back. Posture correction belts are an excellent alternative, which in the long run prevents pain and even cervical problems.

Improve your mobility after surgery:

Post-surgical girdles are one of the most sought after because they represent a support in recovery, speeding up the process and making it more comfortable for the patient’s mobility. Although they should always be recommended by the specialist, depending on the type of surgery.

Now let’s talk specifically about the benefits of Colombian fajas:

Although all girdles provide benefits, it is very important that they are of excellent quality, otherwise they could damage the figure or be too uncomfortable.

Regarding the benefits of Colombian girdles, we have that in addition to being garments that will allow you to improve posture, shape your body and highlight your best attributes, they also maintain adequate durability, under the care of the case, and are much more comfortable. 

It is not for nothing that Colombian fajas have so much recognition worldwide, and unlike those that are industrially manufactured in China, these promise to be an ally and not hurt your skin.

Are there any benefits for wearing a girdle every day?

Definitely yes, but everything is part of a process. In principle, you should get used to the garment and try to wear it more and more time. You must have your doctor’s approval, in case you have any condition that prevents you from doing so. 

Wearing a girdle daily can help you reduce your waist, shape your hips and achieve a good posture, as long as you also maintain a healthy lifestyle and use a comfortable and quality girdle, so that it does not cause you discomfort.

Is it good to sleep with a girdle?

Sleeping with a girdle has multiple benefits, because the more time you spend with the garment, the faster you can see results. However, not everything depends on the time of use, but how healthy your lifestyle is and how comfortable you feel at night.

Also, not all girdles can be used for sleeping. In the case of our references, we recommend the comfort line of Silene that, although they are much more comfortable because they have medium compression, they will also help you shape your body.

In any case, the secret is not to sacrifice your sleeping hours. If you feel comfortable wearing a girdle to sleep, do it without any problem. But if, on the contrary, you find it uncomfortable, this can bring you other problems not related to the use of the garment, but with the lack of rest during the nights.

Is it good to exercise with a girdle?

Wearing a girdle to exercise has advantages in many ways. First of all, it accelerates sweating which helps you to eliminate fluid retention (which is often confused with excess weight). 

Secondly, it helps you maintain good posture during weight exercises, while protecting your back to prevent hernias.

Is it good to wear a girdle to shape the waist?

This is one of the greatest benefits of wearing a girdle, as it is a great ally to define areas of the body that are not easy to shape with exercise. 

The belts for daily use or sports use are focused precisely in the area of the abdomen, lower back and waist, so (if used properly and maintain a good diet) will allow you to reduce waist in a short time.

In addition, they are excellent if you plan to wear a dress in which you want to highlight your waist, because for example, the Powernet waistband makes you reduce 6 to 8 cm immediately.

What about the benefits of using latex girdles?

Colombian latex fajas are one of the most sought after for several reasons: They help you sweat a lot more during exercise and therefore reduce waistline faster.

But these are not their only benefits, because in the case of the latex vest you also have the possibility to hide the rolls that forms on the back near the armpits, and also sweat in all these areas, as well as maintain proper posture.

If this type of girdle is the one you are interested in, you should read this post on how to wear them for the first time….

So, after this tour of the benefits of wearing a girdle, we see that in addition to being a garment that makes us look good, it positively impacts our mobility and has a functional sense.

I invite you to share this information so that more people can take advantage of its benefits.

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