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Basic steps for an effective skincare routine

Basic steps for an effective skincare routine

There is no doubt that taking care of your face is a good investment if you want to look good, both in the present and over the years. An effective skincare routine is one that is not made up of too many products (or the most expensive), but that is also recommended by a dermatologist and is applied with perseverance and discipline.

Let’s talk about the basic steps that any skincare routine must have, if you want to see optimal and long-lasting results.

It is commonly assumed that daily face care should be implemented more regularly when we pass the age of forty and, the sad reality is that it is one of the mistakes that cause skin deterioration in very young girls, because  what we do Today in our facial area, it will affect us (without exceptions) in a few years.

For this reason, the most important thing when it comes to taking care of your skin in general, not only of the face, is don’t to wait for the years to pass but but slowly incorporate habits and products that help you in the present and future.

Importance of skin carede Skincare

How to build a skincare routine?

Don’t underestimate the opinion of the dermatologist:

Each skin is different and has specific needs. It is the dermatologist who can detect your characteristics and recommend the most appropriate products.

Regardless of the information you get on the internet or social networks, if you apply a product that is not the right one, you can achieve effects that are very contrary to what you are looking for.

Cleaning the face:

According to statistics,  every day , unconsciously we touch our faces about 500 times on average and unconsciously, that means that we carry a large number of germs, in addition to the external factors that cause the accumulation of impurities. Therefore, you should apply a cleanser daily (in the morning and at night).

In the market there are multiple brands and presentations. You can apply a liquid, gel or foam cleanser, depending on what has been recommended for you.


The purpose of the toner is to refresh the skin of the face before the application of the next products. Among its greatest benefits is that it provides hydration, is quickly absorbed and eliminates impurities.

Apart from firming your skin through skincare routines, you can also support yourself through the advantages that comfort girdles have. For more details, delight yourself in our online store.


In general, this step is recommended from the age of 30. Its objective is to treat fine lines, blemishes and dehydration of the skin.

Since it is a much more powerful product, you must know exactly which brand and specifications are best for you.

Eye contour:

Suitable for the eyes’ area, one of the most sensitive and first to receive line expression. Its use is recommended from the age of 25, but other factors such as lack of sleep can affect the appearance of dark circles or bags in the lower part of the eye. So it is a fundamental product to delay aging.

Ideal products for skincare

Final hydration:

A moisturizer for your skin type will be more than enough to seal the routine. The recommendation is to apply it by making circular movements that will also relax you.


Whether you have to go out or stay at home, this step is essential so that the sun’s rays do not reach out your skin. Make sure you choose the sunscreen that is most comfortable for you, there are thousands of options that have nothing to do with that white and greasy liquid that was applied before on the beach.

Importance of the sunscreen for skin care

I am sure that with this effective skincare routine you will get healthy and shiny skin, yes, do not forget to visit the dermatologist before starting.

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