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Shapewear and fajas for all body types: How to choose the most suitable one according to your shape?

Shapewear and fajas for all body types

When purchasing any garment through the Internet, doubts arise about how to choose the ideal size according to the characteristics of your body. Surely, this has happened to all of us; that’s why today I want to show you useful information about girdles for all body types.

This way, you can be sure when it comes to acquiring the body shaper, slimming or sports girdle that fits your body perfectly. 

Here are all the information you need to know to find the best girdle to shape your body

How to choose the right girdle and what should you consider before purchasing it?

I must clarify that there are girdles for all body types, that is, for those women who have an extra size, as for those who are smaller sizes. Therefore, it is essential to take into account each of these aspects:

Know your goal and need

The first thing is to know what is the goal or the reason why you are looking for a girdle. In other words, you must get that first need to wear a girdle right. You are probably looking for a garment that allows you to reduce your hips, mark your waist, support your inner thighs, concentrate its effectiveness on a specific point (such as maintaining an upright posture) or simply look slimmer.

Identify your body type

It is essential to identify your body type.

Here are 4 standard body types, so you can identify yours:

Pear body type:

Characterized because the lower body (hips) tends to be wider than the upper body (chest/back).

Rectangle body:

Its main characteristic is that the middle part of the body is slightly smaller in size than the upper (chest/back) and lower (hip) parts.

Inverted triangle body:

It stands out because the lower body (hip) is proportionally smaller than the upper body (chest/back).

Hourglass body:

Presents with a proportional size between the lower (hip) and upper body (chest/back), with the middle part (waist/abdomen) well defined. That is, hips and back with symmetrical curves and a small waist.

Now that you probably know your body type, choosing the perfect girdle is easier than you think.

discover how to choose your ideal girdle according to your body type

Be sure of the type of materials of the garment

The fabric, seams and materials that a girdle is made of, regardless of the type of use, is one of the reasons to consider before purchasing it. Thus, the body shaping girdle must be resistant and must provide perfect elasticity in compression.

In addition, the material from which the girdle is made must be soft to the touch, hypoallergenic and breathable. In this way, this will not only increase your comfort when wearing, but will also allow you to keep the skin in perfect condition and without mistreatment, so you will let the girdle shape your body.

Select your ideal girdle

– Slimming girdles for daily use:

This type has a triple purpose. The first is for everyday use. The second is for those occasions when it is urgent to reduce a waist and abdomen size. And the third is that, yes, girdles can be used to shape the body.

Are girdles and shapewear useful to reduce the waist?

Another benefit of using body shaping girdles is that you can achieve the body you have always wanted as long as you exercise, change your diet and start using latex or active line girdles, in other words, sports girdles.

What are the best girdles for body shaping?

To stylize and shape each part of the body, there are ideal garments that we will describe below for each area:

– To reduce the waist, the ideal girdles are latex waistbands and active line waistbands. Both are useful for exercising at home or in the gym. 

– To lift the buttocks, the appropriate garments are the girdle shorts and the butt lift shorts. These are usually used with outfits such as tight-fitting dresses or miniskirts.

– To shape the hips, almost all girdles fulfill this function, but the ideal garment is the high waist short

– To enhance the bust, the perfect girdles would be the control bra (for post-operative use), latex vest and the classic body with panty and bra (for daily use).

– To reaffirm the arms, the indicated garment, without any doubt, is the long post-surgical girdle (comfort), since it completely covers the arms up to the wrists.

Shapewear and girdles for all body types are not a myth as some people believe, so if you are looking for a garment that fits your needs, take some time to check our measurement chart to choose the garment that best suits your body.

Other facts you didn’t know about girdles and shapewear for all body types

Do girdles help shape the body?

Yes, girdles definitely help to shape the figure in the long term and, depending on the use, diet and practice of exercise routines, their effectiveness can generate results in weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the use of this wonderful garment with other healthy habits.

Are girdles useful for shaping the buttocks?

Actually, girdles are the only garments that help shape the buttocks (especially those that have the short lifts tail) regardless of the type of body you have, but to see real results in the shortest time, it is necessary to perform exercise routines at home such as squats, dead weight, calf … in this way you can stylize your buttocks, reaffirming them with the garment short lifts tail.

– Postoperative girdles:

These are generally considered therapeutic girdles, but they are also designed to help maintain an ideal body posture or to relieve discomfort in the lower back, in addition to being girdles to mold and erect the silhouette.

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