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Laser hair removal at home: Myth or reality?

The laser hair removal at home is a safe, common and very currently used to remove unwanted hair from our body. However, it must be said that its effectiveness depends largely on the application and the quality of the products to be used.

But, before knowing all its advantages, we will talk a little about traditional laser hair removal that already existed and had been practiced in clinics or health and aesthetic centers. Then, we will learn about the myths and truths of domestic laser hair removal .

What do you know about traditional laser hair removal?

Traditional laser hair removal is an aesthetic and hygienic procedure, based on the propagation of a concentrated beam of light on the skin, which aims to almost permanently remove unwanted hairs and impurities from the skin.

In other words, it is a light energy absorbed by the surface or pigment of the skin, known as the melanin of the hair.

This light reaches the follicles (skin sacs) directly to delay hair growth, up to 95%, which is why it is said that its effectiveness is almost permanent. The rest depends on the application recommended by an expert dermatologist in laser hair removal.

Reasons for laser hair removal

The main reason is to remove or reduce unwanted hair in areas such as the armpits, upper and lower lip, chin, legs and bikini area.

In general lines and under the recommendation of experts, this treatment can be applied to any part of the body and to almost all types of skin pigmentation, with the exception of the eyelids and areas of the skin with tattoos.

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Myths of laser hair removal at home

Fears, doubts and even a series urban myths that we are going to clarify in the following lines:

– It is a procedure similar to the traditional one, since it is based on a type of luminosity known as “pulsed light laser” (IPL) and differs from common diode laser (fast method).

– It differs from the clinical method , since the process to disappear unwanted hair is slower, and must be applied in several sessions, however, it is more effective in removing.

– IPL hair removal does not cause skin cancer . Some people believe that lasers are aggressive and cancer-causing, but no scientific evidence has been recorded to date.

Not a female-only method . Nowadays it is very common to see that men are resorting to the use of lasers to disappear hair in the armpits, pectorals and abdomen.

– Contrary to popular belief, domestic laser hair removal no it is a painful procedure . It can cause discomfort and to keep the area lush, creams recommended by the specialist should be applied before and after the sessions.

– Home laser hair removal devices are not as expensive as many believe . In general and depending on the brand, you can find them between 170 and 350 USD.

Truths about laser hair removal at home

Now that we demystify some points of laser hair removal at home, it is I need to know the truths of this treatment:

– It is a method that should be applied under the recommendation of an expert dermatologist in the use of the different types of laser hair removal.

– It is true that people with dermatological problems or hypersensitive skin do not These types of treatments should be applied, unless the specialist gives the go-ahead.

– Laser hair removal is a much less expensive investment than treatments spa, beauty or health centers.

– Before each session, it is necessary to shave the area to be treated 2 days prior to treatment. This way, it will have a better effect.

– In people with blond hair and very thin, the treatment It does not work quite well and must be recommended by a specialist to be more effective.

The most used brands in IPL laser hair removal are:

– Braun SilkExpert Pro.

– Braun Sil-Expert 5 IPL BD-5009.

– Remington i-Light IPL-6780.

– U-Kiss ILP Epilator.

– Philips ILP Epilator.

– IPL Openuye Epilator.

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