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Does taking time for yourself mean sacrificing time with others? No, and these are the reasons

Does taking time for yourself mean sacrificing time with others

I want us to talk about the importance of self-love and care, to have a (positive) impact on the lives of others, but being happy from inside and without half measures for our self-esteem.

From a very young age, it is common to see how our mothers, aunts or grandmothers took care of everyone. We got used to receiving their care, without noticing how they forgot themselves.

It's normal to take care of your loved ones

The truth is that, as women, we feel the need to see for others and as a natural reaction, it is wonderful. However, everything can fall apart if we let it go to the extreme of neglecting our own being, forgetting that we also need attention and not precisely from the environment, but from ourselves.

For this reason, self-care or self-love, is far from being a luxury or a selfish act, should be a habit that will make our day to day more and more pleasant, and can even impact our way of seeing the world and relating to others, whether we have children or not.

Reasons why taking care of you should not be a sacrifice

You will notice positive changes internally

By just spending time doing what you like, be it reading a book, going out with your friends or staying at home resting from routine, you will notice how your being recharges energy and stays in harmony with everything else.  If you haven’t noticed, think about those moments when you take care of a thousand things at the same time and at the end of the day you end up exhausted, and even worse you are unable to relax either.

Taking care of yourself  will make you look amazing and even feel better.

The fact that you look good certainly influences the way you feel,  but it is an action that complements each fact. Therefore, if you start taking time to take care of your body, you will also be doing it with your self-esteem and that will have an impact on your whole life.

Within personal care, leaning on clothing will always be a good option. Here you will find multiple options of girdles.

You will have a more positive attitude even in stressful situations

Working internally is also learning to handle crisis situations in which it is essential to have emotional stability and ensure that anxiety does not win the battle with your desire to get ahead.

See yourself as you want to take care of yourself

You will value your time with your loved ones even more

Learning to love yourself, to treat you with kindness and to handle crises calmly, is also to learn to live in the present, thanking for every positive moment in your life, without thinking about the daily problems that are not lacking, because you are the one who puts the limit to know how far they can affect you.

Renewed love in the family

And finally, a quote from Ana Gutiérrez that leaves more than one thinking: “generosity is not a supreme proof of heroism that consists in giving what We need. It is rather to share what We have and what makes you happy. Therefore, the more I have that makes me happy, the more likely I have to be generous ”.

The importance of love and self-care should not be negotiable in your daily life, but you must be the one who takes the first step … It will undoubtedly make you the most friendly journey and thus, your relationship with the environment.

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