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You will have a baby How to prepare your body for the changes of pregnancy?

It is essential that when a woman is in search of a baby or in the gestation period, she knows how to prepare her body, both physically and internally, so the changes of pregnancy will have a less invasive and more enjoyable effect.

There are many internal processes that the female organism goes through to give life, of which a few are ignored.

For example, after the sixth month of pregnancy, the growth of the belly causes the oppression of the bladder, so there is frequent desire to go to the bathroom, in addition the diaphragm is displaced causing some difficulty in breathing, and when increasing the size and weight of the baby, pain begins in the lumbar area.

These are all changes that we do not see, but for which the mother must prepare, with some recommendations. If this is your case, keep reading …

Establish a proper diet with a specialist

As soon as a pregnancy is announced, an infinite number of myths arrive that can scare you a little. One of them is: “eating for two”, which ends up producing excessive weight gain.

Now, what should a pregnant woman eat?

Although there are cravings during pregnancy, it is important that you know how to eat and include foods that benefit both of you, such as fish in at least 3 servings per week, bread, cereals, potatoes, fruits, vegetables and low-calorie dairy .
Here, you have a guide on eating habits that you can slowly incorporate to heal your body …

Reinforce your positive habits

It is commonly held that a pregnant woman should remain in full rest, but there is nothing more false. Although your body maintains a different state, it is essential to continue the good habits that make the process more satisfactory.

The pace may be a little slower, but you can develop normally, go to work, leave the house, practice physical activity, etc. In fact, it is recommended that this be so so that it does not affect you emotionally, as a result of the changes.

Self-care routines are even more important

According to the growth of the baby and the hormonal changes, it is normal for stretch marks or cellulite to appear, so it is important to maintain routines to take care of your skin, relax, learn to accept your body and above all feel pretty.

If you regularly dedicate time to yourself, during pregnancy you should also do it, although including other things.

Help yourself with the experience of other mothers

The accompaniment of mothers during a new pregnancy is very positive, as they learn from the experience of people who have gone through the same thing as you and will be able to advise you responsibly.

Likewise, it is ideal to have the help of a doula, because as long as everyone is watching the baby, she will be there for you.

Exercise your body

There are a wide variety of safe and recommended exercises during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is an excellent option that will allow you to prepare for childbirth, reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep, reduce lower back pain and regulate your breathing to be calm.

You can continue with your regular exercise routines, as long as you have the approval of the specialist, who should also advise you on the steps to follow during the postpartum period, for example, with the use of postoperative girdles to regain mobility and eliminate the feeling of emptiness. .

Enter our store to see the variety of girdles we have for postpartum, as well as their advantages …

And always remember that: pregnancy is an enjoyable stage and even if at times you feel that your body will not be the same again, it will only be temporary changes, if you propose.

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