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How to learn to accept the changes in your body during pregnancy?

How to learn to accept the changes in your body during pregnancy

Motherhood for many women is the most important event in life, however, it is important to know how to deal with the bodily changes that occur due to pregnancy, because not everything is rosy, although it seems that way.

Conventionally, we have learned to see pregnancy as an imperative stage in the life of every woman, although in new generations it has become a matter of our own choice due to the great impact that giving birth can have, on emotional, Physical and psychological level.

Body changes during pregnancy

Body changes are produced by multiple factors and can vary according to our genetics, state of the organism, existence of special pathologies, as well as lifestyle.

Often they occur:

Stretch marks

Changes in the skin

Breast tenderness and enlargement



Swelling on legs and feet

Back pain

Significant weight gain

As expected, these physical changes directly influence the self-esteem of the future mother, added to the hormonal alterations that keep her emotions running high. However, there are very important recommendations that, without a doubt, make the process much more pleasant and allow her to focus the attention on the wonderful stage that is about to begin with the arrival of a child.

how physical changes during pregnancy affect self-esteem

And if you want to know a little more about what the postpartum will be like, enter here.

How to achieve a more peaceful adaptation during all changes that occur in  pregnancy?

Some pregnant women, when they begin to see changes in their body, feel that it is a kind of “invasion”, because they are not able to control how they look for the next 9 months.

So, the first thing we must do to is accept these body modifications, conceive them as something temporary, that once we give birth and go through sleep successfully, we will be able to look good again, as long as there is a will.

Be aware of the contradictions:

It is extremely important that you maintain a balance between the social stigmas of beauty and your self-image, before, during and after pregnancy. At this point, the most important thing is not to look good for others, but for you to feel it. Thus, your awareness and acceptance of change will be the best allies.

If you feel like you can’t do it alone, seek help:

Pregnancy is known as a wonderful stage for all parties, however, it can impact the woman if all the attention is focused on the arrival of the baby, but not on the needs of the future mother.

This fact can trigger depressions that are difficult to handle in a new context. Before this happens, it is best to seek professional help to guide you and make you feel supported throughout the process, either from a therapist or even a doula.

Work on your image, for yourself:

As human beings we have the infinite capacity to love. Do not allow the fact that you love so much the little person that she is about to come, stop loving yourself. Take care of yourself, maintain habits that make you feel good and work on your image to feel more comfortable with your body, despite the changes.

Remember that self care is non negotiable and you can think of alternatives that will help you speed up the recovery process, once the pregnancy is over. The postpartum girdle can be very supportive, if you have your doctor’s recommendation.

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