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How to reduce sizes using a faja? Discover here the most effective way

While there is no magic formula to lose weight overnight, there are multiple ways to achieve it consecutively and one of them is through the correct use of Colombian girdles.

So we say that it is possible to reduce sizes using a girdle, but there are certain things you should know first. 

It is necessary to clarify that the use of the girdle to reduce measures generates good results, but these are linked to two important issues that every specialist recommends:

1- It must be combined with a healthy diet. 

2- You should practice exercise routines appropriate to your physical condition and capabilities.

That said, we hope to clarify your concerns and demystify the fact of how to reduce sizes using a girdle, without involving an over effort that leads you to throw in the towel in the process, or fill you with insecurities because of the opinion of others …

Let’s get started!

Do sports girdles work to reduce sizes?

Reducing measurements or losing weight is not determined by the use of girdles, however, these garments are of great help because they serve the function of accelerating sweating and producing heat, while exercising your body allows you to improve metabolism and burn fat. 

If you combine the use of a sports girdle with cardiovascular exercises, you can reduce measurements and shape your waist quickly; and if you maintain a balanced nutrition, the results are tripled.

Often, those who lose motivation to exercise, do so because after a long time they still do not see results and, although the reasons may be many, the girdle can be a determining factor, especially because it helps us to shape areas that are “problematic” when we feel that we are somewhat overweight.

For example, when we put on a blouse that highlights the waist and see that it is effectively marked more than before or, when using a pair of pants that was abandoned in the closet because we thought we would never return to that size.

The truth is that this type of shaping garments will help you see results in very small details, but too important, although perhaps for the number of the scale begins to fall, you must add other factors.

One of the most effective girdles to stimulate sweating in demanding exercise routines is the latex girdle. Enter our store to know all its advantages.

What you should NOT do to get real results

– Do not use a sports girdle without knowing your measurements or your body type. To know the perfect size according to your characteristics, I recommend you to read this post.

– Do not expect the girdle to be a substitute for exercise routines or training in the gym.

– Do not expect the use of the girdle to generate results when you do not follow a balanced diet, under the recommendation of a specialist.

Anxiety vs. reality: the struggle to reduce sizes

Anxiety to lose weight is a common problem in many women who, not knowing how to control it, seek countless methods, including the use of the girdle without the practice of exercise or a balanced diet.

Let’s remember that sports girdles do not work miracles by themselves and, if you want to lose weight, you should focus your efforts on making proper use of them as an additional method to lose weight and shape your figure.

To begin with, if you are looking to purify and eliminate toxins from your body, you should try any of these 5 green juices that will help you speed up your metabolism and strengthen your defenses

So, can it be said that girdles are slimming?

Yes, only if in addition to wearing a slimming girdle, you lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right.

What are the best fajas for weight loss?

There are Colombian girdles for different needs. If your goal is to lose weight and shape areas such as the waist and abdomen, you should use neoprene or latex girdles, because besides making you sweat more, they will let you see results in less time.

Can you use a faja to lose belly fat?

Of course you can! As women, it is very common to retain fluid in different areas of the body, including the abdomen (or belly). Many times we think it’s due to fat accumulation when it’s really fluid.

In that case, the latex girdle is perfect because it will help you eliminate that fluid through sweating, while allowing you to shape and reduce measurements in that area of the body.

Are there girdles to burn fat?

No. This topic of “burning fat” with products is nothing more than a myth. To eliminate adipose tissue from the body, it is necessary to create a deficit between your daily calorie intake and the amount of calories you burn during exercise. If you burn more than you consume, you will start to lose weight.

Only then, your own body will be able to “burn that fat” because it uses it as energy for exercise and your daily activities, but this is independent of the use of girdles or other products. Rather, it is an issue focused exclusively on your diet and physical exercise.

Do fajas work to reduce measurements?

Of course they can! As long as the measurements are due to fluid retention or accumulation.

Are there girdles to lose belly in men?

Yes, and it is the same case of girdles to lose weight in women. These are neoprene or latex sports girdles that accelerate sweating and combat fluid retention (which also occurs in men).

Are there girdles that reduce 2 sizes?

Yes, even more sizes. Latex girdles (as a waistband or vest) help you reduce sizes immediately. In the first posture you will notice that your waist decreases between 2 and 6 centimeters, and the more you use it (in the day to day or for exercise) the whole area will be shaped to the desired width.

We hope we have cleared up all your doubts about how to reduce sizes with a girdle, but if you still have questions, look for us on Instagram as @silenefajas and we will gladly answer all your questions regarding Colombian girdles.

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