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Everything you should know about the menstrual cup before using it

Around the menstrual cup there are many conflicting opinions. Some women consider it among the best inventions for feminine hygiene; and others are afraid that it is not what they expect. For that reason, today I want us to talk about everything what you should know before using it : Pros, cons and recommendations if you plan to enter the world of menstrual cup .

Let’s start by clarifying: What is the menstrual cup ?

Despite being patented in 1937 by the American actress, Leona Chalmers , there is still a lot of uncertainty about this wonderful little glass. Well, it is a bell-shaped container that is inserted into the vaginal canal to accumulate bleeding during menstruation .

Since its inception it has evolved around materials and benefits. It is currently manufactured with latex and medical grade silicone . In addition, it is among the most effective, comfortable and safe menstrual products, compared to tampons and feminine pads .

That said, what should you know before using the menstrual cup?

  • Requires an adaptation period:

During the first months of use in the menstruation , it is normal to feel insecurity when inserting the cup, since it is a very different method from the ones we commonly use. So, you must be patient and trust that you will get used to it .

As each organism is different, it is important that you discover the most suitable position to insert it and stay calm while doing it, because as incredible as it sounds, if you are mentally tense, your vagina also resents it and makes the process more difficult.

  • You’ll be so comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing it:

The wearing time without emptying the menstrual cup should not exceed 12 hours, but if you have a heavy flow you may need to do it earlier. After the adaptation period, it is so comfortable that it is possible to even forget its extraction and the ideal is not to wait for the 12 hours.

It’s as comfortable as the comfort line girdle that you also forget that you are wearing it.

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  • Maintaining proper hygiene is essential:

Although it is a safe and hygienic method , your precautions may make difference. Remember that it is an object that is inserted into the vagina, so your hands must be very clean.

  • It will be a great contribution to the environment:

Did you know that the first pad or tampon you used hasn’t broken down yet and is still somewhere in the world?

For that reason, the menstrual cup besides being a great solution for our comfort and pocket, it is also for the environment , because you will only need one for about 10 years, if you you put to good use.

  • You won’t want to go back to tampons or feminine pads:

After using it for the first time, you hardly want to go back to feminine pads . Although if so, you can also consider other options such as pads and menstrual underwear .

And speaking of underwear, here you can know the girdle that makes it invisible so you can wear your best outfits.

Finally I must say that the menstruation of every woman is a world , for which you must know your cycle, your needs and changes very well to make each stage an enjoyable moment in which you do not feel discomfort by the reminder of your femininity.

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