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How to deal with the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy?

How to deal with the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy



How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy? Although it is one of the most beautiful stages in the lives of many women, it involves a series of body changes that we must know how to deal with in order not to have negative effects on our self-esteem.

These marks, without a doubt, are one of the characteristics that women fear the most as a result of the belly growing as the gestation period advances.

Why do stretch marks occur?

It is common knowledge that stretch marks appear as a result of abrupt weight gain, causing the skin to stretch, however, health professionals describe it as “a breakdown of collagen that is visible on the surface of the skin”, according to the British Association of Dermatologists.

Generally, these marks appear in adolescent women, after a weight gain or pregnancy, although men are not exempt from having them. Shortly after they have been presented, they take a reddish or purple color and with the passage of time, they turn whitish.

Do all pregnancies produce stretch marks?

No. The appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy will depend on different factors such as the mother’s genetics, how healthy her skin is and, of course, the growth of her belly, since it is common for multiple pregnancies to produce a greater number of stretch marks.

How stretch marks look

How to deal with them?

1. Learn to accept changes in your body

Around 90% of women have stretch marks during pregnancy, which means that you are not and will not be the only one to have them.

Although it is not a characteristic that we like to show to others, it is present in most of us and we must learn to live with them. Also, what better reminder of the great work of bringing life to this world than the stretch marks on your body.

Learn to love them and to love yourself, beyond what you consider a “defect”.

Stretch Mark Acceptance

2. Keep in mind that they have a solution (even after they appear)

Stretch marks can be reduced if you make a plan from the beginning. Do not look for a solution when they are already installed in your body because it will be more difficult to eliminate them.

For this stage, there are multiple treatments on the market with which can help. However, I must tell you that your best ally will always be the moisturizer, which brings us to the next point.

Importance of Hydration

3. Make sure to keep your skin hydrated

Just as dry soil tends to crack, so does skin. You must make sure to keep it very well hydrated, without exposing it to the sun frequently and applying appropriate creams according to your skin’s characteristics.

4. Drink plenty of water

Although drinking water is not the only thing you should do, it is the most essential, since it is a way to keep you hydrated from the inside out and, without a doubt, your skin will reflect the change.

5. Act quickly with the advice of a specialist in dermatology

Yes, the appearance of stretch marks is a natural process for many of us. But, it does not have to be permanent.

Our recommendation is to start a dermatological treatment with the specialist as soon as your belly starts to grow and, even more, if you have a tendency to have stretch marks or delicate skin.

Prevention and acceptance will be your best allies to deal with the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

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