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What are the makeup trends 2022?

Today I want us to talk about the makeup trends 2021 for two reasons : so that you know what is being worn today and you dare to experiment with other techniques that highlight your beauty even more.

Like everything else, makeup also evolves and in this case, then Having been indoors for a long time, facial care priorities have changed.

This is why skincare routines are in vogue again. which has made the effect of cosmetic products on the market much more positive, since we do nothing with applying all the powders, bases and blushes, if our skin is not well cared for and protected.

Here are the basic steps to maintain an effective skincare routine

With that said, let’s move on to makeup trends 2021 :

Porcelain skin:

Since we are talking about skincare, the 2021 trend taught us to show off healthy skin but not excessively made up, therefore, matte and nudes have marked their place very well, with moisturizing products and broad coverage foundations that unify the tone of the face, hiding imperfections.

Bold outlines:

The preference for subtle outlines is a thing of the past. Black is still used for the classic style, but other vibrant colors have also been integrated that give life to the look, along with fresher and more striking techniques, which allows to combine makeup </ b > depending on the outfit and, why not, the mask you are wearing at the time.

Now we also use crystals:

We do not know exactly where or when this trend was born, which reminds us a bit of the applications of the Hindu culture . Now small crystals are also part of the makeup, in combination with eye-catching outlines in colors like deep blue and green. </span >

Hello to the metallic colors :

Nothing like a vibrant look that highlights the eyes and metallic shadows . This trend reminds us of the golden skin of Cleopatra, but not only stays in the classic silver and gold, but also in blues, greens and pinks with a bright touch on the eyelids .

Cruelty Free Products:

In the second quarter of the year a awareness campaign became popular told the story of Ralph , a cute rabbit that suffered from experimentation in the cosmetics industry, as a way of representing to all the animals that must suffer for each product to be tested.

His success was such that he and went viral on all social networks and many people who were unaware of the case, decided to change their makeup products for cruelty-free brands.

Volume and bushy eyebrows:

A early 2000 saw how the trend was to have the eyebrows as thin and delineated as possible. Now, the opposite is the case, and it certainly helps us free ourselves from painful waxing. The bushy eyebrows and with volume are a must, outlined very subtly and with fixative to stay in place.

As you know 6 of the makeup trends this year, you can catch up without worrying because it seems they are here to stay.

A trend that continues more current than ever is that of girdles to stylize the figure , if you are curious about all the benefits of these garments, enter our store .

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