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Self-care: Your body is your permanent home, how to take care of it internally and externally?

your body is your-permanent home how to take care of it internally and externally

Learning to take care of others is so easy that we don’t notice when we forget to take care of ourselves. Today I want to talk about what self-care is and how you can include it in your daily routines and habits.

As mothers, friends, wives, partners; we often tend to look out for the well-being of our loved ones, but when it comes to turning the focus in our own direction, things get a little more complicated, that’s why it is so important to practice self-care and know why it is so important for your emotional and physical well-being.

What is self-care?

Unlike what many people think, self-care is much more than beauty routines, and should start with what we feel internally, which requires emotional work that gives great results at the psychological, spiritual and, of course, physical level. 

For only those who feel good internally, can reflect it on the outside and even transmit that same energy. 

But to understand it, we must first understand what self-care means.

The self-care that is so much talked about in social networks, is defined by the specialist Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, as the “set of acts that position the person and their needs to others, for their welfare”, understanding that it is not only acts related to beauty, but with the overall welfare of the body and mind.

This all starts with mental health and how much attention is given to it, above and beyond daily chores and obligations.

While mental and emotional health is not a topic that was talked about so much in the past, today it does occupy a very important place in all areas, we already saw it in the celebration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, when the athletes themselves talked about the importance of self-care.

In my case, I had to go through a series of conflicts to realize how my emotional situation impacted everything in my life, and even my interaction with others.

I know that many could identify with my story, so I want to share how I managed to get out of it and achieve psycho-emotional fulfillment that I so badly needed and didn’t realize how important it was.

The world kept turning, but I began to see it with better eyes.

Tips for good mental health and practicing self-care

Tips for good mental health and practicing self-care

Achieving emotional fulfillment is not about living with a constant smile, it is about knowing your environment and having the ability to deal with conflicts without letting them affect you too much. But, to achieve this you must focus on several elements that define how your permanent home is: your body.

Every day we know more stories and research on the impact that emotions can have on our body, including cases of breast cancer and other conditions that are related to emotional episodes that mark a before and after in life, but also begin with the lack of interest we have about our own psychological and mental health.

Below, I will give you some recommendations so that you can start with small steps and achieve big changes in relation to corporal and spiritual self-care:

– Incorporate self-care habits:

Healthy eating, activities that excite you, conversations that help you drain, beauty routines, a time at the gym or dance classes; can help you more than you think to deal with that feeling of tiredness, fatigue or daily anxiety.

If you can’t figure out why you feel so heavy in the mornings before you get out of bed, maybe the answer lies in the absence of healthy habits.

You can start with these exercise routines at home and without special equipment.

– Prioritize your rest:

To the extent that you rest and renew your thoughts, you will be able to function more fluently in the day to day. These small moments to relax should be non-negotiable, beyond external factors that are never lacking. Your rest should be a priority, as long as there is a balance with everything else, to encourage self-care as a habit.

– Eat healthy:

If we talk about tips to have a good mental health, we cannot set aside the healthy eating because, although it seems incredible, what you eat greatly influences your physical well-being, but also emotional. 

So beyond talking about strict “diets” to lose weight, the important thing is to maintain a diet that keeps you in good shape and even in a good mood.

– Pay attention to how you talk to yourself:

We have always heard that of not giving importance to “what others say”, but: have you ever analyzed what you say yourself, especially about your body, your defects, failures and achievements?

Yes, the internal dialogue can be the most toxic.

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself

Often, the strongest criticisms come not from others but from ourselves. So how do you gain self-confidence if you are the first to criticize yourself? 

Part of the acceptance process that will help you live in harmony with your body is learning to express yourself and is a good start to learning self-care.

Getting that place where you want to live and transform it into a home, may take you a long time, but it is certainly worth it, and when you achieve it, of course you will see things from another perspective that will make you appreciate even more, what you already have in your life…

In this case, I’m talking about your body and although it may be difficult, once you get to feel as good as you want to look, the satisfaction will not allow you to give up.

Always remember:

Self-love, self-care and mental health go hand in hand, and each deserves to have a place in your life.

Start true self-care today, which includes an exercise or beauty routine, grooming yourself and wearing a girdle to feel empowered. Visit our store to see all the options.

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