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Why are Colombian girdles so widely recognized worldwide?

Colombian girdles have become the mandatory garments to shape the figure and highlight the beauty, mainly in women, although men have also been using them. 

Its commercial diffusion has reached not only the United States and Europe, but also Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, achieving a projection that Colombia’s main international competitor, China, is trying to copy in order to reach this important market of intimate apparel and clothing.

Today, I want to talk about Colombian girdles, their quality, tradition and, especially, about the models that are setting trends.

The tradition of having a wasp waist comes from the Colombian girdles

Colombian grandmothers explain that, in their time, young women carved the torso of their figure in the narrowest part of the waist, with knotted veiled stockings or reducing the size of their straps to achieve a “wasp waist”.

This process evolved, with the use of Lycras and Nylon fabrics (covered with cotton), complemented with rods and adjustment hooks, until reaching what today are the Colombian reducing, shaping or control girdles.

Although the use of the Colombian girdle was becoming popular for many reasons, the presence of all types of control clothing was accompanied by the proliferation of cosmetic surgeries, which sought to shape breasts, buttocks and abdomen, becoming an opportunity for the Colombian textile industry to improve its quality standards.

The new culture of fitness, healthy living and healthy food also contributed, as a commitment to wellness, complemented by the beauty of the Colombian woman and the great leap in quality, which brings the textile industry.

Since we are talking about fitness, I recommend you to see our latex line with Colombian girdles for sports, which accelerate sweating and help you to reduce sizes.

Colombian girdles in the United States

Cinturilla negra en látex silene fajas colombianas

The boom of Colombian girdles in the United States grew even more thanks to the promotion given by the famus Kim Kardashian, who through a photo on Instagram showed her millions of followers around the world, that she was obsessed with a Colombian latex girdle

This fact promoted the demand for the garments especially in the segment of African-American and Latina women, and today the Colombian girdles have reached the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Switzerland and Sweden.

A garment that is increasingly used in the Middle East

From Miami, they began to be exported to Saudi Arabia, where, despite the fact that women wear dresses that cover their entire body, the massive use of these control garments has been a surprise. 

From there they have been expanding to the Arab Emirates, with Dubai being one of the most recent markets, with more than 40,000 sales per month.

This feminine garment that has been imposed worldwide, with the seal of Colombia, continues to open doors to consolidate an expanding industry.

Thus, the feminine image with curves is accompanied by the girdle as an article of clothing, essential in women’s well-being, not only because they shape the figure, but also because they make any woman feel beautiful.

Characteristics of Colombian girdles: How to know it is not an imitation?

Just as its use has become popular, countless imitations of the authentic Colombian girdle have also appeared on the market. The key to know if the girdle you plan to buy is original or not is in the small details. 

To begin with, the quality of the fabric used by the manufacturers in Colombia is unparalleled, as well as the seams, the lining that covers the garment so that it does not cut into your skin, among other attributes.

How to know if you plan to buy a Colombian girdle online? Very easy, go to registered brands with Colombian seal, which rules out the idea of buying a girdle by Amazon, since you have no assurance of its origin and manufacture, so it is most likely to come from China.

If you are looking for Colombian girdles with free shipping to the United States, directly from Cali, Colombia, enter our store.

Looking for Colombian tummy tuck fajas?

While there are multiple garments according to the goal you plan to achieve, Colombian tummy tuck girdles (also known as Colombian waistbands) have great benefits: On the one hand, they help you reduce measurements instantly (between 6 and 8 cm), they also shape the torso in the long term if you use them regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The reducing and waist defining girdles come in two high compression presentations: in powernet (for daily use) and in latex (for sports use).

Colombian Girdles: Market Prices

The sale of Colombian fajas has spread throughout the world and, for that reason, the price range is very wide. If you are looking for a girdle with excellent quality, at an affordable price, it is best to go directly to the manufacturers, as in the case of Silene Fajas. We offer garments starting at $40 and with free shipping to any city in the United States.

The price of these garments varies according to their function, for example, the tail lift girdles usually vary between $50 and $60 while the full Colombian girdles, for post-surgical or postpartum use have a slightly higher cost.

It is not for nothing that Colombian latex girdles are among the favorites of those who take care of their body. Starting with their benefits, since they help you to reduce measurements and define the areas that cost more in the gym, if you keep a proper diet.

You can get them as Colombian latex waistbands or as vests; both will help you define your waist, sweat faster and reduce fluid retention. In the case of the vest, you can hide the chubs that occur in the armpits and gradually shape them until they are eliminated.

They are also among the Colombian girdles to lose weight because they help you see results much faster, once you start proper exercise routines and a good diet. 

Taking advantage of talking about their advantages, before finishing, I recommend you to read this post about the 5 benefits that nobody tells you about the girdle.

If you want to reduce and mold, Colombian latex girdles are the best option

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