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This Colombian girdle lets you say good bye to panty lines

Among the most frequent concerns when choosing the outfit for a special occasion, is how to hide the underwear to avoid showing the seams, while we seek to hide the chubby hips. The solution is nothing more and nothing less than this Colombian girdle to make your underwear “invisible” and that fits your silhouette.

There are shaping garments for all kinds of clothes, however, in Silene we have several lines designed especially for this type of use, because in addition to making you feel comfortable (even if you are not used to wear it), they help you hide the chubby and look much slimmer, without the garment itself is visible.

Colombian girdles, shapers and slimmers to wear with all kinds of outfits (without being noticed)

Ideal for dresses that go above the knee or pants, it is a girdle that fits and enhances the buttocks and hip area.

It has a silicone finish on both contours (bust and mid-leg), so it adheres to the skin, and internally it is covered with Lycra comfort, so the only risk you run is not feeling it.

It is high compression, so it will put everything in place, but if you are not familiar with using Colombian girdles, slimming or shaping, you can see the low compression comfort line in our store.

Strapless short girdle-silene-colombianas

Body shaper or girdle to make your underwear “invisible”:

If you like to wear short dresses, this body shaper is perfect because it features lace compression mid back high back. The external part is made with medium compression powernet that will not cause discomfort, but will help you to mold the abdomen and waist area. Internally, it is covered with a type of lycra that is soft to the touch, which means you will be comfortable at all times and confident that everything will be in place.

No one will notice that you are wearing an ideal shaping girdle, but they will see that you feel totally confident when walking and bad posture won’t take you by surprise.

This is the short girdle that will make you have an hourglass body, as it demarcates the waist very well and if you use it frequently you can reduce sizes.

Also known as Colombian girdle lifts tail acts on buttocks and hips, avoiding the appearance of those little fatties that damage the outfit.

Once you have it on, you can forget about asking your friends if your underwear is showing, because it makes the area look totally smooth and with the buttocks firmer than ever.

Short beige de pretina alta, con terminado en encaje siliconado en pierna y cintura, huecos con efecto levantacola y cierre frontal. Elaborado en Powernet de compresión alta y forro interno en Lycra comfort de tacto suave con la piel.

Now let’s talk about the Colombian waist cincher trainer

Although it is not a garment that accurately hides the underwear, it is invisible to the outside and among its most important advantages, is to reduce waist and abdomen, because using it correctly and in the right size, can make you lose several centimeters in this area. 

By the way, in this article we give you a guide on how to choose the ideal girdle.

Whether you are looking for a girdle to hide your underwear, maintain a good posture or show off a flat abdomen, the first thing you should evaluate when trying on a girdle is how it makes you feel about yourself, as well as the multiple possibilities it offers you when it comes to dressing.

If we talk about Colombian girdles and prices, keep in mind that, although this type of garments has so many benefits, aesthetically and functionally, there is an attribute that should not be missing in the one you choose, and that is comfort. 

The prices of control garments that guarantee you the greatest comfort vary according to the model, in our Colombian girdle store you can see each type of girdle, its uses, benefits and costs.

Therefore, a tip that will make a difference, is that you focus on acquiring the girdle that helps you shape your body, but that does not make you sacrifice comfort so that you can take advantage of it in the long term. 

Every woman uses control garments for different purposes. Whether you need a Colombian postpartum or post-surgical girdle, as well as a reduction or exercise girdle; there is a common advantage of all Colombian, reducing and shaping girdles, and that is that they directly influence how we feel about our body and the comfort we have when trying on clothes that we had forgotten in the closet.

Therefore, in addition to helping you shape your body, this garment is an ally that will positively impact your self-esteem, besides being the girdle to make your underwear “invisible”.

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