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Postpartum girdle: great ally in the recovery of your body and self-esteem

Let’s learn about my experience with the postpartum girdle, precisely when You needed it most. Although motherhood is one of the most beautiful stages in the life of any woman, it produces multiple changes at the body level that are important to treat from the beginning.

The postpartum, for example, is a coming and going of emotions that keep us on top all the time, either because of the joy that has come to stay in our lives (our children), as well as because of the changes that we suffer physically and can affect our self-esteem.

What do we know as a postpartum girdle?

These are low compression girdles that help shape the figure after giving birth in natural delivery or cesarean section, under the indication of the gynecologist. Although there are multiple models of girdles, their use in the postpartum stage will be determined by the characteristics of the mother, both in terms of compression, size and time wearing.

What are its advantages?

For a very good reason,  the girdle has become the great ally for women after childbirth. However, it is important to educate yourself before deciding why to use it and which would be the most convenient.

In my case, the most positive characteristics to wear a girdle are focused on the comfort they provide, such as the feeling of well-being with my body, after having visibly changed in pregnancy.

These are some of the best known advantages of postpartum girdles:

Back support and posture correction:

As a result of the growth of our tummy over the course of 9 months, we tend to change posture and suffer from back pain quite frequently. The postpartum girdle allows you to regain your pre-pregnancy posture, as it supports your back and helps you eliminate low back pain.

It favors our self-esteem:

As an ideal garment to shape the body, it will be your great ally. Obviously, if you are looking to reduce sizes and achieve faster results, you must add healthy nutrition and physical exercises. However, the change in your self-esteem will be noticed immediately, when you regain your figure and even be able to wear clothes that you may have already forgotten.

Freedom thanks to the birth belt

That feeling, without a doubt, is a plus in a stage that we are just beginning, for which we need a touch of security to do it better and better.

You will be able to move with greater ease:

After so many days off taking care of  any movements, you will be able to feel support all day long wearing the girdle, in addition, that feeling of emptiness that we feel after childbirth little by little it will end.

Mobility thanks to the birth belt

To get real results, discover more benefits of Comfort Shapewear.

In which cases is it contraindicated?

Although, it is a widely used and recommended garment, in order to have a pleasant experience and take advantage of all the benefits of girdles, it is extremely important to have the opinion of your gynecologist before making any decision. Well, each body is different and only he will know what is best for your health.

That said, its use is contraindicated if you do not plan to incorporate a basic exercise routine so that your body also takes the task of gradually recovering. In other words, we should not let the girdle do all the work, but it should be a process in which we make the decision to feel good, wearing a girdle and leading a healthy life.

Finally, Let’s  add that the most important thing is to enjoy the process. Live each stage with full awareness that it is not something definitely (if we talk about body changes), but also be open to integrate new habits and garments, such as the girdle, which will make the journey much more pleasant.

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