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Little things that we enjoy today and are a reality thanks to feminism

Achievements of Feminism

Although feminism has achieved great changes in relation to gender equality, many of them have been naturalized by men and women today, despite the historical background of centuries and struggles that we must value.

Great events and actions by women and men who have fought to give away more rights and laws that favor the role of women in society. Let’s talk about it.

Distortion of the small advances of feminism

It should be noted that to date there have been countless women’s movements that have sought equity and respect for society. For this reason, let’s remember together what feminism is about  and that it has unfortunately been distorted by different factors. Among the most prominent are:

  • The imposition of the societies and governmental entities with patriarchal ideology.
  • The lack of laws in favor of women's rights.
  • The wrong actions and forms of protests that have occurred in recent years.
  • Aggression against men by radical women's groups, which end up misrepresenting the good deeds of true feminists.
  • The role and misuse of digital platforms for the dissemination of changes in favor of women.
  • The widespread ignorance of the people regarding feminist advance.

Besides these, there are other factors that have changed the true meaning of feminist movements (distorted in recent years) and all the rights that we still have to achieve.

How to make a difference and recognize real progress?

Feminine power

Demonstrating that feminism is not a distortion that many currently believe is more difficult than it seems. However, not everything will be a gray picture in the coming years, since the feminist movements that have achieved great changes are not exactly the type of radical groups that express themselves incorrectly.

According to the World Bank, female empowerment is not only a correct way to advance gender equality, but it is also a successful measure from an economic and labor point of view, which has become essential to reduce poverty, promoting shared prosperity.

Importance of Feminism

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Advances we have today thanks to feminism

Today we can say that women, in most Western countries, can enjoy rights and advances towards equality, which did not exist before and are now a reality in society. For example:

– Have economic empowerment

– Go to university (even in countries like Iran)

– Vote

– Have decent wages

– Report sexual harassment

– Testify in her defense

– Play sports professionally

Be able to file for a divorce.

Wear pants and any other clothing item

– Make a military career

– Hold political and governmental positions

Although there have been many small advances and women’s rights achieved thanks to the feminist movement, there is still a long way to go, where the most important thing is that we take advantage  of this initiative, to achieve a more fare world with Gender Equality.

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