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From the corset to the Colombian faja: years of evolution and feminine curves

This is the maximum antecedent in the evolution of the Colombian faja, which has marked different styles in the fashion of each time, since its creation to date. It is a garment that fulfills the function of improving the aesthetics and the feminine figure, having also orthopedic and therapeutic functions.

The corset is the female garment that precedes the famous Colombian faja, and although many women think that its creation could be recent, it has a long tradition and history.

For many years, Colombian postpartum fajas or postoperative girdles have been recommended to correct problems of spinal deviations, for recovery after going to the operating room and even to relieve cervical pain.

Unlike the uncomfortable corset, in recent years the evolution of the original Colombian faja has been considered as a garment made of soft fabrics ideal for shaping and improving the female figure.

Evolution of the Colombian faja: It all started in Greece and became popular in France

Evolution of the Colombian faja

It was during the time of Catherine de Medici, Queen Consort of France, in the late 1600s, that the use of the corset was imposed and became widespread among the women of the court

However, history tells that its use is earlier and dates back to ancient Greece on the island of Crete, where women used a type of corset to stylize their figure, tighten their body, lift the breasts and buttocks with materials that were sometimes very rigid and hard, such as dry leather, wood and even metal.

After this period, in the 19th century, it reached its peak with fine embroidery, prints, fabrics with rhinestones and lace.

The arrival of cotton, satin and comfort

As time went by, the corset evolved into what we know today as Colombian slimming, shaping or postpartum girdles. These have new materials such as cotton and satin, much more elastic and soft textures that overcame the initial stiffness and discomfort to become a comfortable garment for daily use for many women and even men who need lumbar support and for exercise.

With the change in the canons of beauty, the female figure adapted and so did the garments. For example, with the emergence of the feminist movement in the last century, the image of a looser and more flexible silhouette attached to the natural line of the body became popular.

Until the Second World War was over, Cristian Dior would once again promote the slim figure, with wasp waist and ruffled skirts.

Since we are talking about feminism, in this article we tell you about small advances that today are a reality thanks to this movement.

Since we are talking about feminism, in this article we tell you about small advances that today are a reality thanks to this movement.

More comfort, more beauty, more self-esteem

Like many garments, the original Colombian girdles have also changed over the years to give priority to both feminine beauty and the comfort needed to feel good when wearing them, to the point that today they are an important part of the closet as an ally garment that puts everything in its place and adds a big plus of security and self-esteem.

In Silene Fajas (considered one of the most quoted Colombian girdle brands) we know that a woman who feels beautiful, is also a self-confident woman and comfortable with her curves. As long as that is so, the world will witness that beauty that is born inside and reflected on the outside.

That’s why we focus on making comfortable, effective and long-lasting girdles for our customers, both women and men.

Let’s talk a little about Colombian girdles

Although, around the world they are known as Colombian girdles (which is not bad at all), this time we want to let you know that they are not only girdles when referring to Colombian girdles, but a wide range of garments for different types of uses and objectives. Below, we show you a great variety of the best Colombian fajas or girdles:

– Colombian body slimming girdles

Let’s say that Colombian tummy tuck girdles are perfect and truly effective when combined at least with a good diet. It can be used daily to achieve results in the reduction of measures after 2 or 3 months.

– Colombian body shaping girdles

This garment (among the most effective Colombian shaping girdles) is ideal for shaping in record time as long as it is used as it should be, that is to say, on a daily basis. Its effectiveness also depends on the right model and size. So, if you want to get it right and not fail in the attempt, visit: Colombian girdles for all body types: How to choose the most suitable one according to your characteristics?

– Colombian girdles butt lifters

Also known as butt lifters, these girdles are used to shape and stylize the buttocks and legs. But, above all, they help to shape the inner edges of the legs, which are uncomfortable for many women with thick legs. Undoubtedly, the tail lift short girdle is perfect for wearing jeans.

– Colombian postpartum girdles

If we talk about comfort, the comfort line by Silene Fajas is created to help all those new moms and not, to regain their figure and self-esteem. They are as soft to the touch as they are comfortable to wear. As for its antecedent, until 2 decades ago there was no record of this type of garment.

– Colombian girdles for men

Although it may seem strange or unconventional, nowadays Colombian girdles for men are being used by many. However, most of them are used for reasons such as: posture correction, lumbar pain or to exercise. 

So, if you think that these garments are not for them, in our store there are endless reasons why men use them, in addition to the affordable price of Colombian girdles.

To conclude, if knowing a little about the corset and its evolution to the Colombian girdle, you woke up the desire to start using it, enter our Colombian girdle store and choose the one that best suits your figure.

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