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Five signs that you are in a toxic or wrong relationship

If we do a survey among the girls who are going through or have gone through a bad period in their lives, the majority would answer that they have been in toxic environments , which have not contributed positive energy in any way.

Such situations often happen in love relationships where there is a dose of codependency. For this reason, this time I want us to talk about the 5 signals to detect a toxic relationship or wrong , both loving, friendship or even work.

Every type of human relationship is usually complicated, however, it is important to know the limits between a “normal” conflict and another that is not, that you can cope back to normal.

Well, although it sounds a bit strange, we often tend to consider toxic attitudes of others as normal, without detecting that, when it comes to an emotional or psychological conflict, something is wrong. And this applies both to the people around you and to yourself.

Signs that you are in a toxic relationship

  • You feel that you could be happier without their company:

One of the main reasons to be in the company of another person is that makes you feel good, full and sure of yourself. Although no relationship is perfect and it is normal not to always be a happy person; Yes, you should be with someone to share good times with, above all. If you question this, it is important that reflections on the matter or seek help (therapy).

  • You are in too exclusive a relationship:

It is common that, when starting a new relationship, the sharing time with other people is reduced, but that should not be an impediment so that, after a lapse, everything goes back to the way it was before. If spending good times with friends and family makes you happy, your partner shouldn’t see it as an offense or need your exclusive attention .

In this article I explain why taking time for yourself does not mean sacrificing time with others others .

  • You go from maximum to minimum in no time:

This signal occurs when one of the two maintains constant complaints, as well as pessimistic thoughts that end up reducing the mood and disposition of the other person from 100 to 0. Currently, they are known as energy vampires and strongly affect the emotional state of the people around you.

  • There is room for codependency:

The theme that we have always heard in heartbreak songs with phrases like: “I don’t know what I would do without you” or “ I couldn’t live without your love” ; It has created a misconception for us about the ability to decide our destiny beyond what someone else thinks, says or does. Although you want to share your life with your partner, you know that your well-being depends solely on you, and vice versa.

  • You live justifying your actions:

If you keep saying: “He does it with good intentions” or “I know it will change”, you may be exposed to a toxic relationship or going a little further, to psychological abuse a through yelling or criticism. All types of interaction with third parties must be based on respect and empathy, but when it comes to a love relationship much more.

That said, if you can identify any of these signs of a toxic relationship , it is time to take action on the matter, either through professional support (such as couples therapy) or simply, giving you a better place and closing cycles.

One of the advantages of our times is that we don’t need any type of tie and we can decide our own destiny.

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