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Female body types: How to know which one is yours?

How to make the most of your attributes without losing confidence and security? If you’ve been wondering, in the following lines you’ll learn all about the different types of female body shapes, so you’ll know how to wear your favorite clothes, while discovering other goodness of your body.

The million-dollar question is how many body types are there and how to identify them? 

So before continuing I must clarify that there are multiple female body shapes and yours may not fit exactly the characteristics of those mentioned below, which is more than normal, but still, I know this information will help you a lot when choosing your outfits and take advantage of your best attributes.

If something has a solution, it is precisely the fact of knowing how to choose the garment according to the characteristics of your body type. 

And, if apart from choosing the ideal clothes, you also manage to find the body shaper of your dreams, rest assured that your curves will stand out, without sacrificing the comfort and posture of your feminine silhouette.

Now, female body types: How to identify yours?

There are several ways to identify what body type you have, but the most effective is through 3 simple steps:

– First: 

You must know the most important variables that define every female body: shoulders, bust, waist and hip/tail.

– Second: 

You must take measurement of each variable, so you know the detailed contour of your body and the type of silhouette you have.

– Third: 

Then, to identify your silhouette type, you should make a comparison between the 5 female body types that we will show you below….

Female body types

Triangle body or pear body

It is characterized because the shoulders are narrower than the hips if viewed from the front, that is, there is a greater proportion in the lower part of the body (wide hips and legs, small waist and small bust / shoulder).

Pear body clothing:

Among the garments that make this body type stand out are blouses with V-shaped neckline, with prints and light colors, generating harmony, since it allows the enhancement of the upper part (shoulder/chest) combined with skirts and flared dresses (not so tight) or straight cut pants.

Inverted triangle body:

Contrary to the previous body type, this one stands out because the greatest proportion is at the top. The back, shoulders and bust are proportionally wider than the hip area, the buttocks have little volume and the legs are slim-fitting.

Clothing for inverted or reverse triangle body:

The determining factor to highlight this body type is in the use of asymmetrical garments at the top. Therefore, the main thing is to make the hips and legs look more voluminous, using dresses with prints and glitter. If you use a girdle to adjust the upper area, your body will not only look harmonious but curvy.

The best blouses for inverted triangle bodies are those that provide volume in the lower part of the body and less in the upper part, with V-necklines. Remember that the clothes we wear cause visual effects that are important to know and take advantage of depending on the body type. It is the same case of the ideal dresses for inverse triangle bodies, always with volume in the lower part.

The pants for inverse triangle bodies that provide volume to the lower area (legs, buttocks and hips) are white, boyfriend style jeans or even with straight cut side pockets.

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Hourglass body:

It stands out thanks to the proportional harmony between shoulder and hip, where the waist stands out for being narrow and well-marked, which refers to the figure of an hourglass. Thus, the measurements of the hourglass body should coincide or have very small differences between the shoulders and hips, while the waist should be smaller.

There are slim hourglass bodies and thicker hourglass bodies, but whatever your build, this is the body type that goes best with different styles, as initially the clothes are meant for this body shape.

Clothes for hourglass body:

To highlight the attributes in this body, it is necessary to use clothes that provide volume in both shoulders and hips and make the slim waist stand out. If this is your case, you can perfectly use clothes with necklines, miniskirts, dresses and tight pants.

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Rectangular body:

Its main characteristics are the straight lines that go from the top to the hip, as if it were a rectangle.

Clothes for rectangular body:

Firstly, it is recommended to wear waist shapers and, secondly, to wear garments such as vertical striped blouses (nothing exaggerated) as well as loose-fitting dresses. The ideal is to avoid strapless tops, since the body would look square.

As for blouses for rectangular body we recommend those with ruffles at the hips and look narrower at the waist, as well as dresses with cuts at the waist that visually make the shoulders and hips look wider.

Oval body (apple)

It is characterized by a body without straight lines and lack of narrow waist, where the central part of the torso is usually wider than the shoulders and hips.

Clothes for apple body:

The garments that make this body type stand out, range from shaping girdles, ideal for the waist part, as it shapes the waist between the upper and lower part. Then, there are top garments with deep necklines or vests with shoulder pads, which can be used with long dresses that go above the knee.

If you already know what type of female body type is yours, then you have a lot of reasons to make the most of your attributes using your clothes, without failing in the attempt…

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