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Eating habits that you can slowly incorporate to heal your body

Eating habits that you can slowly incorporate to heal your body

Food is one of the factors that most influences our health, and perhaps it is an aspect that we do not take care of as we should. Take time to talk about how to improve your daily diet by incorporating habits slowly, to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Of course, without sacrificing what you like the most!

It is commonly believed that eating healthy is eating poorly, and nothing could be further from the truth.  Gradually, we have been getting used to consuming processed products, with excess sugar and saturated fats that undoubtedly have an impact on our health and can not only make us gain weight, but in the medium or long term, developing a series of problems such as hypertension, diabetes among others.

However, those types of foods that we find delicious (even if they do not seem so healthy) can be substituted for other foods that will make you feel satisfied. They will also generate improvements in your body, so why not try to improve, even slowly?

How to improve your daily diet in small steps?

Analyze your current diet:

Time goes so fast that we do not pay attention to what we eat, therefore, the ideal is to make a list of the foods that you consume more regularly. To achieve this, you need a food diary in which you record everything you eat for a few days and can distinguish how you felt when you ate, if you were hungry or if it was just an afternoon craving and if you were stressed or anxious when you ate it. .

Follow up your diet with these data:

With the diary you will be able to notice which habits are more recurrent and which ones are healthy or not. So that you identify what you do well and you can define what needs to be changed gradually.

At this point, it is essential that you know that no lasting change should be made abruptly. If you want to maintain a healthy diet, you must progressively improve and reward yourself each time you notice a new habit. Well, by recognizing your achievements, you will be motivating yourself to continue and it will be a process that you will enjoy, not a sacrifice.

Analyze your eating habits

Here is a guide to incorporating healthy habits that will make you have a good attitude, even on bad days.

Replace what you find is wrong:

Within this trip there will be multiple options to replace bad meals. It all depends on how curious you are for healthy and delicious recipes.

The first step is to define what your weekly grocery shopping will be. Instead of making Fried Chicken Nuggets, you can try using the oven or even better, the air fryer. Likewise, substitute processed foods for vegetables or salads with delicious dressings that will make your palate fall in love.

Once you identify what you can substitute and what healthy options best suit your preferences, you can incorporate more and more habits to improve your daily diet.

Improve your diet daily

This is a process that will take a while so you have to be patient. If you notice that you are returning to your previous eating routines, pause and ask yourself: Why am I doing this? How long have I been doing it? How do I stop? Etc …

Reflection will be your best ally, just remember not to be so hard on yourself for weakening.

A true habit is one that you achieve over time. Living one day at a time, you will get it to stay with you permanently.

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