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Have you started a diet? Step away from the scale for a few days and avoid the obsession with weighing yourself

Did you start a diet Get off the scale for a few days

The obsession to weigh yourself daily starts as fast or faster than your diet. It is a curious issue because, when we lead a sedentary life and we know that our weight is not the most appropriate, we hide from the scale, but when we start a diet and exercise routines, it is the scale that must be hidden from us.

Therefore, the fact of starting a healthy diet with exercise routines at home or at the gym, can cause stress at high levels and, at the same time, be a trigger for psycho-emotional problems, even affecting your self-esteem, and if we add to this the obsession with weighing ourselves, everything becomes even more complex than it should be…

The good news is that there are methods that allow us to control anxiety and stress levels, focusing on our spiritual, psychological-emotional and physical well-being.

What does it take to achieve a true balance in your healthy eating and the obsession with constantly weighing yourself?

Below, I will show you a set of tools that will help you focus on yourself, understanding the reasons why you should not weigh yourself every day, if you have started a healthy diet along with an effective exercise routine:

– Incorporate self-care habits:

Healthy eating, activities that excite you, conversations that help you drain, beauty routines, sometime at the gym or dance classes; can help you more than you think to deal with that feeling of tiredness, fatigue or daily anxiety.

– Should I weigh myself when I start dieting and exercising?

Definitely yes. It is natural to weigh yourself at the beginning of a healthy diet and constant exercise routine, to have a record of your initial weight and establish comparisons as you notice progress.

– It is normal to weigh yourself at the beginning of the diet

But, it is important that you define the times when you should weigh yourself, in order to avoid anxiety, strengthen your discipline and perseverance, and consult a specialist before starting, because he/she is the one who will take you by the hand until you achieve your goals of looking and feeling good.

Obsession to think about you during the diet

How to control the obsession to weigh yourself while eating healthy and exercising?

The dedication to the body must be comprehensive and balanced, so when you start a weight loss diet, you should take the following measures:

1- Consult a nutritionist

It is necessary to have the help of an expert in nutrition and weight loss to shape your new eating habits, only he will know how to tell you which are the most appropriate healthy diets according to your build, physical condition and goals.

Important to consult a nutritionist before starting a diet

2- Start your exercise routine at home or at the gym 

Consulting an instructor and starting your exercise routines may seem difficult at first. Exercising does not guarantee you will lose weight in a short period of time, therefore, to see results and know when to take your weight, you must set dates and goals

What if, in addition to controlling your anxiety about weighing yourself and doing exercise routines, you start taking advantage of sports girdles?

3- Set your weigh-in dates

Don’t look for excuses to weigh yourself if you have been dieting and exercising for 2 weeks. To do it at the right time, it is necessary to set dates. As we have warned you, according to experts, from the beginning of your exercise routines and balanced diet, you should wait at least 60 days without weighing yourself to weigh yourself for the second time. 

And from then on, you can weigh yourself every one or two months as part of your new eating habits and exercise routine.

It is absolutely necessary that you always weigh yourself on a fixed day in the corresponding month and at the same time, taking into account factors such as fluid retention, the amount of fluids and food ingested during the day, the stage of the menstrual cycle you are in, and the glycogen reserves (energy reserves in the muscles and liver) from carbohydrate and protein intake.

When to weigh yourself during the diet

4- Stay away from the scales or weighing scale

Finally, to avoid the anxiety of weighing yourself daily, we recommend hiding your scale somewhere in your home that is difficult to access. This way, you will make the effort to look for your scale to weigh yourself on the appropriate day and time.

What are the healthy foods to lose weight?

Experts in the world of fitness say that the secret to losing weight is not in motivation or expensive treatments, but in the discipline you have when it comes to integrating a healthy diet and exercise routines at home or outdoors.

As for the ideal foods to lose weight, we have:

Avocado, cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, as well as eggs, legumes, nuts, salmon, tuna, chicken, and lean meats, chili, coconut oil and steamed potatoes.

But the important thing is to know how to balance all these foods so that you generate a deficit of calories in relation to the number of calories you burn when exercising, that is where the real secret to losing weight lies.

What weight loss exercises can you do at home?

No more excuses for not moving your body and burning calories. There are many exercises to lose the belly, as well as exercises for legs, abdomen, arms, chest and back that you can perform anywhere and with your own body weight, so you don’t need to have special equipment.

Likewise, doing cardio at home shouldn’t be a problem either. The most important thing is that you do something that you enjoy so that it is sustainable over time and generates a habit that is impossible to break. You can start with home exercise routines like the one presented here, or check out YouTube to see what kind of dance therapy works best for you.

In conclusion, exercising and achieving the figure you dream of is more than possible. The secret is to evaluate what can be the most fun for you and put all your energy into it so that it becomes a habit. 

Of course, just check the scale when you decide to start and after a period of 2 months, do it again to see real results.

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