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Advantages of wearing sports girdles on days when you feel fuller

Advantages of wearing sports girdles on days when you feel fuller

Wearing sports girdles is an issue that has become necessary when exercising. However, to achieve real results, it is very important to know what type of girdle suits us best and when to use it. Especially, in the case of body shaping girdles for gym, we cannot forget the biological factors of the body such as fluid retention and metabolism.

Therefore, if you find and use the right model, you can notice real changes in areas such as the hips, abdomen and waist, winning the race to fluid retention and fat cells that tend to accumulate in the same areas.

Below, you can learn all the benefits of using sports girdles on the days when you feel fuller.

Benefits of using sports girdles to shape the figure and reduce measurements

1- They are a stimulus to reduce measurements

It is important to clarify that, when you use shaping girdles (sports), you will be reducing measurements in the waist and abdomen because this garment, being of high compression, stimulates the body to produce sweat and eliminate excess fluid that often appears to be fat.

2- They help to shape the body

Its high compression and the type of waistband are determining factors to shape the body. In general, sports girdles have zippers that allow total closure and, at the same time, exert greater pressure on the abdominal area and waist, making you get a smaller waist, while you comply with your daily exercise routines.

Correcting posture and shaping your body shouldn’t be a headache. You just need to find the ideal sports girdle so that the desired curves are not a dream, but a reality…

3- Provide better results in workouts

The vest type exercise girdles are used by men and women, and are the most suitable for sports or high intensity workouts, allowing results in weight loss and muscle definition, in the shortest possible time.

4- They help to maintain a proper posture

There are other types of orthopedic or posture corrective girdles. Its compression and the heat it generates when exercising make it an ideal ally to correct the posture of the back and lumbar area, in addition to relieving pain from exercises and avoiding dislocations (dislocation) in the spine.

5- They provide support to the back and lumbar area, avoiding injuries

This type of garment has thick straps in the shoulder area, which reach the back, in order to provide a safe support, thanks to the pressure that avoids bad movements and back or lumbago injuries.

6- They allow you to apply energy and strength in your movements

The girdles for exercise help to concentrate the body’s energy in the area you want to shape, for example, in the case of vest girdles, they allow you to focus energy on the shoulder, pectorals, abdomen and waist, making your movements are applied properly.

Now, how do you know which is the right size and model according to your body?

For more details, I invite you to consult the following post so you can identify the type of sports girdle you need:

Girdles for all body types: how to choose the right one according to your characteristics?

Since we talked about the advantages of using Colombian girdles for exercise, it is important to know how to identify which garments can be more comfortable and effective if you want to accelerate results in the gym.

What types of fajas for exercise are there?

Among the most common options currently, we have 2 types of sports girdles and each one is characterized by the materials with which they are made, in addition to the specific use you should give it.

For example, neoprene girdles are usually more flexible for abdominal exercises because they do not have internal rods and the fabric is thermal, so it will make you sweat from minute one, since you start using it. Therefore, it is usually recommended especially for cardio exercises.

On the other hand, latex sports girdles have rods that exert greater compression, help reduce waist more effectively, provide thermal effect and serve as greater support for weight exercises, protecting your back and taking care of your posture.

Is it good to do sit-ups with a girdle?

It’s great! As long as you do them with the most appropriate girdle, which in this case would be the neoprene girdle because it gives you greater flexibility in the abdominal area.

Is it good to do cardio with a faja?

It depends. If what you want is to sweat more and see results in a short time, then yes, you should use it. 

For cardio exercises you can use either of the 2 sports belts, neoprene or latex, only that the second one will give you a plus if you also want to reduce waist.

Are there advantages of using a sweat vest?

The sweat vest has many benefits, but it depends on how comfortable you feel or if you prefer to wear a waist trainer for exercise.

The latex sports vest type girdle helps you shape your waist, abdomen and lower back, but it also promotes sweating in the chubby areas that tend to form under the shoulders while hiding them, so it also shapes that area if you wear it regularly. 

Whether you choose to wear neoprene sweat girdles or latex girdles, if you maintain a proper diet and exercise routine at least 3 times a week, you will see incredible results in your body, as well as in your self-esteem and energy on a daily basis.

Work to feel and look better, the girdle will be your best ally.

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