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Self-love: Five ways to invest time in your wellbeing and take a break from routine

5 ways to invest time in your well-being and rest from the routine

Contrary to popular belief, practicing self-love is not an investment in our vanity, but in our well-being. Taking care of ourselves should not be negotiable or considered a selfish act, and if you are one of those people who love to take care of others, it’s time to start with yourself, to the extent that you feel so good that you spread that feeling to your environment.

Possibly, if you got this far it is because you are interested in starting to invest time in yourself, in your mental or physical health and, of course, learning to practice self-love as a habit in your life. However, you may be wondering where to start and, that’s what I want to answer today.

Ways of self-love for everyday life

Self-care is part of the love you feel for yourself, but it doesn’t just focus on your physical appearance, so if you want to incorporate healthier habits, it’s important to analyze your current situation and take small steps to make positive changes in your life.

Now is the time to…

Take a spa day:

As women, we tend to take care of others very easily, but, we end up neglecting ourselves without noticing it. To renew that desire to take care of yourself, nothing like a full day at the spa where you will be pampered with massage, manicure and beauty treatments included.

You will notice the change in your appearance, but also in your day-to-day mood. That’s why a spa day is an investment in your self-love.

Spa para el Descanso Propio

Go to the gym without rushing:

There is nothing more negative than that during your exercise routine you live thinking about everything you have to do and rushing to finish exercising to continue with the rest.

If you take about 2 hours a day for the gym, make sure that during that time you only dedicate yourself to that, including the fact of detaching a little from your thoughts. This is the only way to enjoy it, transforming it into a pleasurable activity that will bring great results.

Now, if you are not a fan of the gym and prefer to exercise at home, this blog is for you.

Exercises for Women

Go out with your friends without watching the clock:

Having friends is essential for your well-being. So, those little moments when you can share with them, make sure they are of quality, without pressure. Forget about the world for a while to listen or just drain with that unconditional person who has been with you through thick and thin.

Girls Out

Escape with your partner to a dream place:

A weekend getaway plan with that special someone will help you not only get out of the routine to renew yourself, but also your relationship. In other words, it is an investment for your life as a couple with great benefits for both of you.

Enjoy some time alone with your partner to recharge energy
haircut to close cycles

Get a makeover:

It is common to see many women cut their hair when “closing cycles” or ending a relationship, have you ever wondered why? The answer is simple, because they want to regain the image they may feel they lost many years ago.

A change of image will undoubtedly help you feel good about your appearance and will be the starting point for many other positive things. Of course, the most important thing is that you are very clear about how you want to look before you do it, so that there are no regrets later on.

At this point, it is essential that you know how to feel good with your body, your curves or even with what you don’t like so much?

The best way to start is with a shaping girdle that puts everything in its place. Find it in our store.

Just remember: happiness is not the goal, it’s the journey to get there, so why not make it more enjoyable?

Since we are talking about self-esteem, let’s clear up some of the most frequent doubts:

Are self-love and self-esteem the same thing?

Few people wonder if there is a difference between what we know as self-love and self-esteem. The curious thing about both notions is that the first is determined by your essence as a person, that is, how much you love yourself and accept yourself beyond what your environment can determine, so it depends 100% on you and keeps you in constant learning because it is a path that never ends.

Self-esteem, on the other hand, is determined by the values we grew up with and, in turn, are imposed by society in terms of how valuable, or not, a person is considered. That is why, self-esteem is often influenced by external factors, for example, when someone calls us beautiful or we receive some insult that ends up hurting us.

Self-esteem, what is it?

Self-love is a construction of many feelings towards our own being, which also involves self-esteem, security and above all acceptance. This process begins once we learn to accept ourselves, without stigmas and far away from comparisons with others. Therefore, it is not something that is achieved at a certain moment, but something that we learn gradually.

Does self-love matter in a couple relationship?

It definitely does. In any healthy relationship, self-love must be nurtured both for oneself and for one’s partner.

What about self-love in men?

This construction, process or path is inherent to human beings, men and women, but not all of us are able to recognize it or stimulate it.

Is it important to have self-love to love others?

Of course, the love that you reflect towards yourself also permeates others and helps you to relate with greater ease and naturalness.

What are the kinds – or types – of self-love?

The types of self-love are determined by the angle we cultivate to feel good about ourselves. 

We have self-love on the physical side, which involves taking care of the body, beauty, nutrition, etc. Likewise, the spiritual and emotional self-love that integrates practices such as meditation, therapy or any other that helps us with the management of emotions; and finally, self-love at the social level that involves how we relate to our environment and care for others.

As you will see, talking about self-love could take us a long time, but I hope you know how to take advantage of each of these lines and cultivate every day your self-love, the one that no one else but you can give you.

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