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Preventative Botox: Five facts you should know before you’re 30

Preventative Botox Five facts you should know before you’re 30

Is preventative botox a solution for facial wrinkles of the future? That is the question asked by many people under 30 who want to keep their face free of wrinkles, especially in areas such as the brow and around the eyes.

It must be said that preventative Botox is considered an effective treatment if you are looking for prevention, not elimination of age-related marks.

The use of botulinum toxin is often associated with people over the age of 40, which is why many people are shocked to learn that its application has also become popular in young people even under the age of 25.

What does preventative botox treatment consist of?

The application of this toxin is performed through small injections in the facial area, specifically in places where wrinkles produced by natural expression tend to appear, such as around the lips, eyes and between the eyebrows.

Using botox to avoid wrinkles

Use of botox to prevent wrinkles

The preventive use of botox is carried out in very short sessions in which a small amount of toxin is applied (less than that of conventional botox), with the purpose of relaxing the facial muscles, which over the years generate “dynamic” or expression wrinkles.

It is for this reason that Botox is considered a preventive solution and not a curative one, because once the wrinkle is present, it is no longer effective.

Best age for botox application

Most appropriate age for botox application

According to specialists in cosmetic surgery, the most suitable age for the application of preventive botox is from 30 years old, however, there are those who choose to do it from 25, and its use may be more effective in hypertonic patients, or a high level of muscle contraction.

Just as there is no strict age for the use of Botox, there is no strict age for the use of girdles to help shape your body. If you are interested in learning more, visit our store where you will find a wide variety of garments.

Duration of treatment

Although Botox is a treatment to prevent aging, it is not a permanent solution, since it must be applied regularly every 4 to 5 months for several years, so that, after 40, the muscles are relaxed and do not produce such visible marks.

Contraindications of Botox

There are many conflicting opinions regarding the contraindications of preventive Botox. On the one hand, doctors affirm that in isolated cases antibodies are produced in the patient’s organism, as a rejection to the toxin in early ages, which ends up preventing the natural contraction of the muscle, causing the skin to remain flaccid in the future.

Meanwhile, other specialists point out that Botox has been used for many years, even though it may seem impossible to believe, this solution has therapeutic purposes, especially in migraines, muscular statism and other areas of the body that can benefit if applied by a specialist. 

On the other hand, according to experts, Botox is a multifunctional solution that could generate some rejection in the organism, however, if so, such solution would only diminish its effectiveness without causing other adverse effects to the organism.

Within this framework, there is also talk of the advantages of Botox for bruxism, for which it is applied in small doses in the muscles that are responsible for the movement of the jaw, which reduces the pressure that is involuntarily applied in the area, also avoiding the pain and muscle contractures caused by this condition.

Botox and hyaluronic acid: Good combination?

Before clarifying whether botox and hyaluronic acid make a good combination, it must be said that both substances have different effects. On the one hand, the application of botox on the face seeks to relax the expression lines caused by the constant movement of the facial muscles; meanwhile, hyaluronic acid seeks to fill and hydrate the facial surface, helping to recover the volume of the skin that has been lost over the years.

The combination of both substances is positive, if performed by specialists and in the most adequate dosage according to the objective of the aesthetic procedure.

Advantages and disadvantages of preventive botox

Are there other benefits of botox apart from the aesthetic ones?

From its aesthetic function, botox is most frequently applied to the lips and between the eyebrows, but botox is also often used in the armpits in cases of excessive sweating, which is also known as ‘hyperhidrosis’ and affects a very broad population. 

Thus, it turns out that botox is a very effective solution for people who feel discomfort and even anxiety as a result of uncontrollable sweating in the armpits, which is often accompanied by bad odor.

Is it advisable to apply botox during pregnancy?

There is little scientific evidence to date on the adverse effects of botox during pregnancy, therefore, the recommendation of many specialists is to postpone the procedure until after giving birth.

Do Botox and breastfeeding go well together?

This is the same case as with pregnancy. Ideally, the mother should refrain from any type of aesthetic treatment involving the injection of any external substance into the body, as a preventive measure, during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

In this sense and as we have already warned, all pregnant women should avoid botox in any area of the body, since their own health and the baby’s health are the most important during this stage.

Is the use of botox common in men?

Yes, almost as much as in women. In fact, Botox treatment for men does not require anesthesia and does not generate any discomfort after the procedure, although the treating physician must evaluate the depth of the expression lines, as well as the strength of the patient’s facial muscles to determine the most appropriate dose to be effective. 

In any case, the recommendation is to go to the specialist of trust to know the advantages and disadvantages of botox, as well as the most appropriate time for its application, taking into account that it can prevent aging, although it should not be used in early ages, when the appearance of wrinkles is not in the near future.

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