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Wearing a girdle without being noticed: 4 perfect outfits to take advantage of your curves

Wearing a girdle without being noticed

One of the most common myths about the use of the girdle or the Colombian faja, is that it is a very visible garment when wearing certain outfits, so I wanted to clarify that little detail that makes some girls shy away from wearing girdles and lose all the advantages of wearing a girdle without being noticed.

To begin with, I must clarify that a good girdle should not be noticeable and if that happens, maybe it is because you are not considering something. Compression girdles have multiple uses and, therefore, are designed with various patterns, fabric types and textures.

For example, sports girdles are usually made with special fabrics that accelerate the sweating process, which makes them highly effective, while the daily use girdles are designed to provide comfort and control of the areas we want to shape, so they integrate much more flexible fabrics that do not generate heat to our body.

So, to wear a girdle without being noticeable you should know for what occasion you plan to wear it. That said, let’s move on to the most flattering outfits when it comes to stylize your figure, highlight your curves and feel even more confident with a shaping garment.

4 ideal outfits to make the most of your curves and wear a body shaper without showing it off

Tight-fitting dresses

Tight-fitting dresses usually highlight your best features, however, wearing them without a girdle can be a bit uncomfortable if you have any extra rolls or would like to keep your abdomen at bay. 

Therefore, the girdle besides stylizing your figure, lift your tail, help you with posture and keep everything in place; gives you an even more important plus: security and confidence that you will look good at any time, without having to worry that something is out of line. 

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Linen pants or very thin fabrics

One of the hottest trends right now is high-cut pants in extra-thin or linen fabrics, which help elongate your legs and make you look slimmer. 

However, wearing only regular underwear is a problem because it tends to show too much, for which a high back or armhole sleeve short girdle can be ideal because it shapes your hips and waist, lifts your bottom and does not allow anything you wear underneath to show.

Strapless dresses

In the case of sleeveless dresses, it is necessary to have an extra support, which avoids the task of checking every moment if your bra is in place. Precisely for this purpose are made the comfort strapless girdles, which also define your waist. 

No girdle should be uncomfortable. If you are not used to wearing it, read this article about: Everyday girdles that will make you look good without sacrificing comfort.

High-cut skirts

High-cut skirts are fitted at the waist and make you look slimmer, although if you do not have the area as defined as you would like, you can opt for a powernet waistband or a tail lift short that will also help you shape the area, but without generating discomfort or excessive pressure. 

With proper use (accompanied by good healthy lifestyle habits) you will be able to see significant changes in due time.

Other benefits of shapewear on a daily basis

After talking about the best outfits to wear a girdle without noticing a bit, I want to clarify many other doubts that arise around this versatile garment (the girdle) in all its presentations.

To begin with, let’s talk about the benefits of shapewear on a daily basis, since it does have a much more visible effect when you include it in your everyday outfits. There is no contraindication to the use of the girdle, unless you have a pre-existing condition that prevents you from doing so. Among its benefits we have that:

– It serves as lumbar support.

– Improves your posture at all times.

– Shapes the areas that are more difficult to define in the gym.

– It gives you a very important plus of self-confidence.

– And, in the case of the postpartum girdle after cesarean section, it gives you greater mobility and speeds up your recovery significantly.

It’s time to clarify: can you sleep in a girdle?

It is also a common question if you can sleep using shapewear, and the truth is that it depends on each body and how comfortable you feel. 

Sleep is essential to enjoy a good quality of life so wearing a garment that can make you feel uncomfortable is not the most advisable, but, if on the contrary you are used to wearing a girdle without any discomfort while you sleep, you can do it and thus take advantage of those hours also to shape your body.

Regarding how long you should wear a girdle to shape your waist, it is important to clarify that this point also depends on your body and your lifestyle. The girdle has great advantages to reduce waist, but if you do not eat a healthy diet or exercise your body regularly, it is difficult to see lasting results in a short time.

So it all depends on how disciplined you are with the use of the girdle and your good habits.

To say that, wearing shapewear every day slims you down on its own, is nothing more than a myth, as it is an enhancer of your healthy lifestyle to see results faster.

Is it good to use shapewear for exercise?

Of course it is, in every way and for two great reasons: The girdle helps you eliminate excess fluid in your body, which usually makes you think you have a few extra pounds (when it’s just fluid); but, in addition, it giv

es you lumbar support and protects you from possible injuries during training.

So yes, it is very good to wear a girdle when exercising.

Finally, I must say that when wearing a girdle, the possibilities are endless and we are constantly working on the creation of new models so that you can wear them with any garment you want.

Remember that the most important thing is that you feel good and gain confidence when dressing.

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